Our Mission :

Every day pets just like yours need blood transfusions. For many procedures a transfusion is a clinical necessity, without animal blood donors, veterinary surgeons could not undertake important and often life-saving operations. Very often we come across blood requirement requests all over social media and sometimes its too late until someone comes forward to help.

Our aim to set up a National Blood Registry for Pets so that when the emergency arises this would act as a center to co-ordinate between a pet-donor and pet-patient with similar blood-types. (We must clarify, blood will not be collected and stored in advance in a blood bank, your pet’s name, age, breed and your contact number will be registered with us and we will contact you if and when an emergency arises.) The purpose of this web site, free to owners and vets, is to bring animal blood donors to the attention of vets, so that lives can be saved.

Please consider registering your pet as a donor and if possible making him or her available when you are contacted. By becoming an animal blood donor, your pet can help vets help other pets through provision of life-saving blood transfusions. This registration would also entitle you to free information when your loved one is in need.